Clara Bausch - Cadrage

Opening: June 23rd, 4pm 
Location: Hobrechtstr.54 / 12047 Berlin
During 48 hours Neukölln:
June 23rd, 4-10 pm 
June 24th, 2-10 pm
June 25th, 2-6 pm  
June 23rd,7 pm
Performance by Amélie Legrand and Tatsumi Ryusui (ambiant/noise music)
June 24th, 7pm
Performance by Rahmenbedingung (-im, auf, unter, davor oder über dem Rahmen -es gibt nur eine Bedingung:die Rahmenbedingung aus von daneben R-Amen)
June 25th, 4pm
Screening of short films by Clara Bausch
ZÖNOTÉKA is once again transforming thanks to Clara Bausch’s room-filling installation. The peculiar equivalence of real and fictitious space is depicted through an experiment for spatial extension of a technical term used in filmmaking. 
Cadrage refers to the kind of implicit understanding between filmmakers and film recipients regarding the cinematic space and the visible area in it. The combination of the framed image seeable for the viewer and the suggested continuation of the same world off screen is fundamental in achieving the intended experience. The effect of visually deprived information is used by many directors as stylistic means. 
Clara Bausch’s Cadrage is to be understood as a reference to the classical cinema screen as well as the backdrop of a theatrical set, where, beyond the stage and the spectacle, the everydays, the reality are portrayed as the central focus of the installation. 
Duration: June 23th – August 5th / Thursday – Saturday 3-6pm 
up-coming 30.6.2017 Ausland / She Tales